Nurul Mohammad Zayed

Assistant Professor and Head
Department of Real Estate
Daffodil International University

“I, Nurul Mohammad Zayed, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Real Estate, FBE, DIU, was a student of BBA Program (5th Batch), FBE, DIU which is a premium institution in the business fraternity of Bangladesh. International issues permeate all functional areas of business and industry, from production to marketing. Department of Business Administration, DIU offers students a global perspective and an international viewpoint throughout the curricula. Latest subjects like Art of Living, International Marketing & Finance, Employability 3600, Global Business Strategy etc. have been integrated into the curriculum, making it up-to-date and relevant in today’s business world. Seminars on the latest international developments in business and IT, with distinguished speakers from home and abroad, give further exposure to students. Besides, DBA is equipped with an offering Foreign Study Tours, Experiential Learning, Entrepreneurship Training, International Faculty, Worldwide Alumni Support, Free Laptops, Foreign Language Training, Financial Assistance, Personal Mentoring, Project Work, Research work, etc.”

I wish DBA, DIU to be one of the leading business schools of the universe.

Major Khaled Saifullah (Retd)

Executive Vice President,
Bangladesh Finance Limited

“The learning that I achieved during my MBA at DIU helped me a lot in my career while working for different companies. The teaching staff of DIU are caring and experienced in their relevant fields. I still remember my university life as one of the golden periods and try to keep in touch with my classmates. The green and spacious permanent campus along with the golf course of the university is so beautiful that attracts me again and again.”


Ms. Tania Sharmin

Managing Director and CEO,
CAPM Advisory Limited

“I am really happy to hold a position in my career direction. As an alumnus of Business Administration, DIU; I successfully caught the teaching terms of international corporate market’s knowledge and capacities that’s why today I can hold myself in a country’s leading position. Thanks to MBA,DIU.”


Ashish Kumar Roy, FMVA, CEBS

Deputy General Manager,
Bangladesh Bank

“I had a wonderful time at Daffodil International University during my MBA. The learning environment and networking facilities of the University always inspired me. Moreover, the Honorable Chairman, the Vice Chancellor and all the Faculty Members are dedicated to the goal to make every student an Entrepreneur. I feel proud of my green University and wish its every success.”


Mr. Muhammad Hossenuzzaman

Deputy Registrar (BCS-Cooperative),
Department of Cooperatives

Daffodil International University (DIU) is recognized as one of the top graded universities in Bangladesh. It has international standard curricula, qualified teachers, outcome based modern teaching, students’ amenities, and hold national and international activities in higher education. In every year, a good number of students are graduating and getting employed in different services in the public and private sectors. I am proud to have studied at this university as an MBA student. It helps me a lot in developing my service career. I wish the success of this university at every step.


Mr. Monjurul Alam Jewel

Head of Human Resources,
Eastern Bank Limited

“When I admitted into MBA at Daffodil International University (DIU), I wasn’t sure whether I made the right choice. But as the semesters went by I came to realize that I made the right decision. DIU gave me all the tools needed to unlock my potential. All the faculty members were very helpful and supportive to me from the very first day till the end of the program.

The course curriculum of this degree are very practical and relevant to current market needs. What I learned during my time with DIU certainly helped me to reach where I am now. What I like most about DIU is, students are not just a number but a human being who get every support for a better future.”


“To enrich myself in the light of knowledge I was admitted in the Department Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) of Daffodil International University 17 years before. Time and river stream never stop for anyone. There was no exception in my case. My study has been ended with the course of time. After the completions of student life, now I am working at The Premier Bank. But the heart is stuck in my university premises. The number of memories as the first batch student is infinite. The extent of the campus was not that much, but the teachers’ knowledge and generosity had enlightened us. Today, when I see huge permanent campus, get the news of national and international achievement of our University I feel very proud. Starting with us, the university has been so huge today, making great contributions to the success of the national and international stages. I know many others who are studying here are supposed to have the same feelings.

I want to share some of my views to the present students that please gathered more practical knowledge with your bookish knowledge. Don’t miss your regular classes because this will help 50 percent of your reading/studies. From my job experience, I want to suggest you all for preparing yourself in any specific subject with good command but you have to get also other subjects knowledge. If you can prove/influence your Employer that I`m in very good in this subject (like: Finance, Accounting, HRM, Marketing) and this will benefit your organization. Please engage yourself in different types of educational activities which will increase your leadership skill as well as practical knowledge. Nobody will push you up the ladder unless you are willing to climb yourself. Please don’t waste your precious time.  

Affection towards the university during student life has not been diminished at the course of time but the bonding of the soul has strengthened over time. And that’s why I’m still connected with the university.”

Mr. Muhammad Tarikul Islam

Assistant Vice President & Operations Manager
Gulshan Link Road Branch
The Premier Bank Limited

Mr. Mahmudul Hasan (Nyeem)

Executive Officer (Principal Officer) of UCBL
President of Business Department Alumni Association of DIU
Vice President of the Alumni Association of DIU
Advisor of DIU DEbating Club
Former National Debater
Former Co-chairman of National Debate Federation of Bangladesh (NDFBD)

“Trust on Allah and depends on him than set up your goal from your dream. Never quit from your ambition & please love human being. Be simple & accept all of the situations in an easy way.”

Mr. Roni Bhowmik, PhD

Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Finance, Jiujiang University, China

“Along with my duty as a senior lecturer of Finance at the faculty of business and entrepreneurship in Daffodil International University [DIU], I am working as a visiting associate professor of Finance at Jiujiang University, China.

I completed my under-graduation (BBA) in Finance from business and administration department of DIU. Later, I received a Chinese government scholarship for my further education for MBA degree in Shenyang Aerospace University, China. I was trained in the stock market there. In the following year, I was offered Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] under CAS-TWAS President Fellowship in 2013, which is one of the most prestigious scholarships for higher studies worldwide. I was awarded the PhD in Financial Management by Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Science, China in 2017.

I believe the business and administration department of DIU provides quality education to the students. The wide range of young, energetic faculty members of this university can engage the students with their interesting topics. I think the quality of teaching and the infrastructural facilities are up to the mark. I am honored to be a faculty member and a proud alumnus of this university.”

“I completed my BBA degree under the Department of Business Administration, Daffodil International University in 2008. Afterward, I got my Master’s degree in International Business Administration and Foreign Trade at Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany. On February 25, 2019, I was conferred PhD degree in International Trade from Chungnam National University, South Korea. Currently, I am working as a Researcher at Chungnam National University, South Korea and a Consultant at Daejeon Multi-Cultural Center, Daejeon, South Korea. Truly speaking, the life at DIU taught me many lessons that were core to endeavor my higher studies abroad and to shape the development path of my professional career. The skills and knowledge that I acquired from various programs along with extracurricular activities at DIU were what gave me an edge and ultimately led me to be where I am today. The Department of Business Administration at DIU is a top-notch department for any student seeking an exciting and international BBA and MBA experience. I would definitely recommend the BBA and MBA program at DIU because it is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to succeed in the global business arena.
I wish the Department of Business Administration, DIU to be one of the best business schools in the world!”

Md Iqbal Bhuyan, PhD

Researcher, Department of International Trade, Chungnam National University, South Korea
Consultant, Daejeon Multi-Cultural Center, Daejeon, South Korea

Mr. M. Shahin Sarwar

Assistant Professor of Finance
Department of Finance and Banking
Bangladesh University of Professionals

“DIU gave me the opportunity to interact with highly talented and experienced professors. Inspirations and continuous supports of my respected professors helped me to achieve this position. The international linkage that DIU has achieved is highly admirable and it has opened the opportunity internationally.”

Mr. Tarikul Islam

Assistant Controller of Import & Export, Ministry of Commerce,
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

“Having failed to enroll in the public university like Dhaka University and Jahangirnagar University, I decided to choose a private university for my graduate program. It was 2006 when I prioritized Daffodil International University among many other alternatives. The reason why I choose DIU was nothing but a sheer intuition. But my decision was not wrong. The friendly ambiance and superb cooperation I found from the faculty was beyond my expectations. My faculty helped me regaining my loosen confidence and sharpened me by injecting a dynamic view of life. It inspired me to dream big. One has to dare to dream before achieving anything extraordinary. I think this is the excellence of DIU. I am indebted to DIU as it helped me through rationalizing my thinking and channeling my career to the right path.