Bachelor of Business Administration

Prepare yourself for a career in management and administration. Develop important skills in finance, marketing and HR to advance in your career.


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Credit Hours Program Duration Admission Fees Average Semester Cost for 12 Credits Total Tuition Fees Total Fees in TK
126 4 Years 48,450 56,000 448,950 613,450



Becoming a successful manager and business person requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. The goal of the program is to meet the current and emerging needs of society and business enterprises by providing the nation with competent and skilled managers who will be able to meet the challenging needs of the business environment today and in the future.

Develop your business skills

We have designed our course to help you develop a professional skill set that will help you take on challenges in the fast paced, real world. We offer specialized disciplines such as Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Management (HRM), Management Information System (MIS), and Banking & Insurance.

The internship program following your full time study is aimed to equip you with real world knowledge and skills that employers find desirable in new employees. Here you’ll put the theory you’ve learnt into practice, developing your working knowledge of business.

We will support the entrepreneur in you


Section 2: Course Structure

We have design our degrees to help you gain knowledge about

  • Stakeholders: their expectations and behaviour
  • The business environment, how to analyze it and how to develop strategies
  • Marketing and HR
  • Business resources: acquisition, application and control
  • Business process: planning, improvement and control


Basic Structure of BBA Course Curriculum

SL.Categories of CoursesNo. of CoursesCredits
1.Core Courses2575
2.GED Courses0721
3.Open Elective Courses0206
4.Concentration Courses
(5 Compulsory + 2 Elective)

A student pursuing a BBA degree may be required to take 03 (three) non-credit courses such as Fundamentals of Mathematics, Fundamentals of English and one foreign language other than Bangla and English. Whether a student has to take the first two courses depends upon his/her previous academic records and score on admission test conducted by the university.

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To obtain a BBA degree with single concentration, a student has to complete at least 126 credits as shown in the above-mentioned table.

To obtain a BBA degree with an additional concentration, a student has to complete at least 132 credits. The breakdown of credits will be as follows:

SL.Categories of CoursesNo. of CoursesCredits
1.Core Courses2575
2.GED Courses0721
3.Open Elective Courses0103
4.1st Concentration Courses (Compulsory)0515
5.2nd Concentration Courses (Compulsory)0515

A student will be allowed to start Internship only after completing 40 courses (120 credits) including all core and GED courses in case of a single concentration, and 42 courses (126 credits) including all core and GED courses in case of a double concentration.

Section 3: Teaching

The program has highly qualified and experienced teachers, with degrees from reputed universities at home and abroad. We teach through case study analysis and problem solving exercises to help you understand the practical knowledge. We provide up-to-date and global standard course curricula, that are designed to meet industry demands and takes into account the changes in the global industries.

Industry linkage
Exchange programs with top ranked foreign universities has been initiated in this program to help our students become global citizens. We have partnerships with nationally reputed institutions and trade bodies, ICMAB, ICAB, BSHRM, BFTI, BIM, DCCI, and so on.

Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to help you become more technology savvy.

Industry visits
The program arranges industry visit as a part of the academic program to help you learn more about working in the industry and what you need to succeed.

You will be assessed through exams, tests, essays and other written assignments, presentations, and individual and group assignments.

Section 4: Admission Eligibility

Admission Requirements

SSC /Dakhil/Vocational HSC/Alim/Vocational/BM/Diploma in Commerce/Diploma in Business Studies: Students having minimum 2.5 GPA both in SSC/Dakhil/Vocational and HSC/ Alim/ Vocational/ BM/ Diploma in Commerce/Diploma in Business Studies from any group may apply for admission.

O level A level:
Students completing five O-level subjects and at least two A-level subjects may apply. Out of these 7 subjects applicants must have minimum 4 ‘B’ grade 3 ‘C’ grade.

Admission of International Students
International students meeting equivalent admission qualifications are eligible for admission as regular students or as special students for a part of the duration and may acquire to transfer credits. In case of the latter, these grades and courses that a foreign student achieve will be evaluated against the minimum entry requirement at DIU. The university may enroll foreign students under an exchange program established between two universities.

Section 5: Scholarships and funding

DIU provides meritorious and poor students with financial aid. Every year 25% poor and meritorious students of the total students receive 10% to 100% financial aid. It is remarkable that more than 2,000 students of the university avail themselves of the waiver and scholarship facilities. Scholarships are provided in four categories.

Daffodil International University Scholarship
Lutfar Rahman Scholarship
Razia Begum Scholarship
Akij Group Scholarship

To enjoy scholarship and tuition fee waiver, students of BBA program must take at least 12 credits. Students who will apply for a tuition fee waiver in other different quotas (Need-based quota, Freedom Fighters quota, Tribal quota, DIC students quota, Sports quota, 1st batch quota, etc.) should maintain a minimum GPA 3.00 (4) in each semester. Among the students, each of the husband and wife, two brothers, brother & sister and two sisters of the same parent will get a waiver of 20% of their tuition fee. For continuation, they will have to maintain a GPA of 3.00. The benefit will be withdrawn if any of the two drops from the program. The students who are already enjoying waiver benefit in any category should not apply for further waiver benefit. Newly admitted students can apply for waiver benefit under Need-based category through the Prescribed Financial Aid Form after completion of at least one semester. Waiver benefit is applicable only for tuition fee and not applicable for Admission fee, Semester fee, Library fee, Lab fee, Extra-Curricular activities fee, Improvement, Retake, Project/Dissertation/Internship, etc.

Scholarships Opportunity/Waiver of Tuition Fee

The students can avail themselves of scholarship opportunity in different categories. DIU offers the tuition fee waiver for the students on the basis of results in HSC or equivalent including the fourth subject in the following categories.

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Section 6: Graduate Destinations
Our Business Graduates found positions in many reputed Companies some of which are following.