DIU Business and Education Club (DIUBEC)

The club started its journey in 2008. DIUBEC is a student-run Business Club aimed at creating opportunities for Future Leaders of Bangladesh to think beyond by stimulating potentialities. It has been working for development and empowerment of young minds of the university through different events, competitions, seminars, and workshops. It is a family comprising most vibrant, exploring, creative, innovative, and passionate students of DIU. So far, the club has organized- Business Festivals; Business Plan competition; Business Quiz Competition; Business Case Competition; Meet the Icons; Business Drama Competition; Presentation Competition; Poster Competition and Workshops and seminars of Different Contemporary Issues.


Specific objectives of the club are:

  • To promote Entrepreneurial activity among the students, to develop skills required in different sector of current trends in business. Enabling students to gain experience in current job market
  • To ensure widespread and high quality participation in Inter varsity competitions
  • To co-ordinate social activities amongst the club members
  • To promote the exchange of ideas and skills among members, and to act as a resource base for members

DIU Business Round-Up & Motivational Cell (DIU-BRMC)

To motivate students of Department of Business Administration, DIU Business Round-Up & Motivational Cell (DIU-BRMC) has started its journey in 2015 with an aim to create students competent for the corporate world. The top scorer (in terms of CGPA) from different batches will be in the executive body of this cell. This enthusiastic team will lead the cell and motivate and inspire other students to increase their CGPA and other skills to make a difference.

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Speak Out

Speak-out is a public speaking lab that creates an opportunity to bring out the confidence of the students. Besides, it’s a developmental platform where anyone, especially students, can share their opinions, ideas & thoughts for better tomorrow.

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Social Business Students’ Forum (SBSF)

SBSF is a global community of students to shoulder the poverty free world campaign through the Philosophy of Social Business. To solve the world’s pressing issues, SBSF educates young people about social business to launch own social enterprises and incubates external Social Business projects. Mission of the forum is to help to eradicate poverty by exploring and promoting the Social Business Concept among the student community of the world.


DIU Marketing Club

The club stimulates interaction among students, outside companies, and faculty to enhance participation in marketing and community relationships. The aim of the club is to provide students with the necessary resources to advance their knowledge and understanding of the marketing field. It consists of talented undergraduate business students who have keen interest about marketing and want to be the best marketing professionals. The club has started its journey in 2016 and so far, it has organized AD making competition and 7 Days long DIU Marketing Fest 2017.

DIU Finance Club

The club strives to effectively support students pursuing careers in finance. The DIU Finance Club is a career focused student-centered platform, and its primary goal is to effectively support students pursuing careers in finance. The main objectives of the club are to increase interest in Finance among DIU Business students by relating the experiences of students, faculties and alumni, and to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Finance industry.