MBA (Major in Real Estate)

This is a 60-credit MBA program and a regular student has to complete 60 credits to earn an MBA degree. However, a student may get waiver of some courses depending upon his/her results at Bachelor and/ Master levels and managerial/professional experience. The minimum credit requirement for an MBA degree is 39 credits. Only the students having adequate professional experience and outstanding academic records will be allowed to earn an Executive MBA degree. The total credit requirements for a particular student and the courses s/he needs to take will be evaluated and determined by the academic advisor(s) of the program or the Dean of the Faculty based on his/her results at Bachelor and Master levels and managerial experience. The general credit requirements for a student pursuing an MBA degree are given in the following.

The general credit requirements for a student pursuing an MBA degree are given in the following.

 Categories of CoursesNo. of Courses Credits
1.Core Courses1133
2.Functional Courses0206
3.Capstone Course0103
4.Major Courses0515

A student pursuing an MBA degree may be required to take 02 (two) non-credit courses such as Fundamentals of Mathematics and Fundamentals of English depending upon his/her previous academic records and score on admission test at the University. A student pursuing an MBA degree with a single major has to complete 60 credits. The breakdown of credits is exhibited in the above-mentioned table. And, a student pursuing an MBA degree with a double major has to complete 72 credits. The break-down of the credits will be as follows:

 Categories of CoursesNo. of Courses Credits
1.Core Courses0927
2.Functional Courses from 1st Major area0206
3.Capstone Course0103
4.Major Courses from 1st Major area0515
5.Functional Courses from 2nd Major area0206
Major Courses from 2nd Major area0412

A student will be allowed to start an Internship only after completing all core, functional, capstone, and at least four courses from the major area(s).

CORE COURSES (Compulsory Courses)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Course Code Prerequisite
BUS-401Introduction to Business03None
BUS-402Business Communications03None
MIS-401Computer Fundamentals and Business Applications
MAT-401Mathematics for Business Decision Making03None
ACT-401Basic Accounting03None
MGT-401Fundamentals of Management03None
STA-401Statistics for Business Decision Making03None
ECO-401Economics for Managers03None
FIN-401Fundamentals of Finance03None
MKT-401Principles of Marketing03None
HRM-401Human Resource Management03MGT-401Fundamentals of Management
BAN-401Fundamentals of Banking*03None
BUS-403Legal Environment in Business03None
ACT-402Managerial Accounting03ACT-401Basic Accounting
MGT-402Organizational Behavior and Leadership Development03None
MAT-402Quantitative Methods and Techniques in Business03MAT-401 Mathematics for Business Decision Making
MIS-402Management Information Systems*03None
BUS-404Research Methods in Business*03STA-401 Statistics for Business Decision Making
INS-401Insurance and Risk Management03None
THM-401Tour & Travel Management03None
ENGR-401Engineering Data Analysis03None
SCM-401Introduction to Supply Chain Management03None
EDT-401Introduction to Entrepreneurship Development03None
GED-401Bangla Language and Culture 03None
GED-402History of the Emergence of Bangladesh 03None

Functional Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditCourse CodePrerequisite
RES-501Fundamentals of Civil- Engineering03RES-401Fundamentals of Real Estate
RES-502Fundamentals of Architecture in Real Estate-Engineering Drawing03RES-401Fundamentals of Real Estate

Capstone Course

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditCourse CodePrerequisite
MGT-501Strategic Management03MGT-401Fundamentals of Management

A student pursuing an MBA degree majoring in Real Estate has to complete at least 5 major courses (5×3=15 credits) from the Real Estate area.

Major Courses for Marketing

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditCourse CodePrerequisite
RES-503Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment03RES-401 & FIN-501Fundamentals of Real Estate & Financial Management
RES-504Environmental Issues in Real Estate03RES-401Fundamentals of Real Estate
RES-505Real Estate Financial Market in Bangladesh03RES-401 & FIN-401Fundamentals of Real Estate& Fundamentals of Finance
RES-506Real Estate Marketing03RES-401 & MKT-401Fundamentals of Real Estate & Principles of Marketing
RES-507Real Estate Appraisal03RES-503 & FIN-401Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment, Fundamentals of Finance
RES-508Land Use & Urban Planning03RES-501 & RES-502Fundamentals of Civil- Engineering & Fundamentals of Architecture in Real Estate-Engineering Drawing
RES-509Real Estate Working Capital Management03RES-401 & FIN-401Fundamentals of Real Estate & Fundamentals of Finance
RES-510Real Estate Market Research Method03MAT-401 & STA-401Mathematics for Business Decision Making & Statistics for Business Decision Making
RES-511Real Estate Project Management and Construction Process03RES-501 & RES-502Fundamentals of Civil- Engineering & Fundamentals of Architecture in Real Estate-Engineering Drawing
RES-512Real Estate Law03RES-401 & BUS-403Fundamentals of Real Estate, Legal Environment in Business
RES-513Site Analysis and Area Planning03MAT-401 & RES-508Mathematics for Decision Making & Land Use & Urban Planning
RES-514Analytical Skills & Case Analysis in Real Estate03FIN-401 & RES-507Fundamentals of Finance & Real Estate Appraisal