As one of the top most private universities in Bangladesh, Daffodil International University believes that the unemployment rate can be reduced and overall economic development of the country can be achieved through enhancing entrepreneurial efforts by young generation through gaining the entrepreneurial knowledge in the higher education system. We believe in the slogan that should be the motto of students: “Instead of seeking Job, we will provide Job”. It means the graduate students will not search for a job only after graduation; they will strive to take initiative and ventures to be young entrepreneur. Daffodil International University has now taken the keystone role to institutionalize and focus the entrepreneurial education at Higher Education Institutions (HEI); as part of the initiative, we have started Bachelor of Entrepreneurship at DIU to inspire the educated youths to become entrepreneurs. DIU has also taken laudable initiatives towards entrepreneurship development through entrepreneurial education.
Importance of Entrepreneurial Education Entrepreneurial education emphasizes on the development and application of an enterprising mindset and skills in the context of the establishment of a new venture along with developing and growing an existing business venture or designing an entrepreneurial organization. Entrepreneurship education aims at producing graduates who are capable of pointing out the opportunities and developing ventures through the establishment of new ventures or developing an existing venture. It focuses on persuading students to utilize enterprising skills as well as attributes to a range of different contexts, including new or existing business ventures, charities, NGOs, public agencies and social organization or enterprises.
Entrepreneurial education outfits students with the additional knowledge, capabilities and attributes which are essential to utilize these abilities in the context of the establishment of a new business. The call for a greater emphasis on enterprise and entrepreneurial education is a demand of the present time. Learning about and experiencing enterprise whilst still at university can have several benefits. It gives students an alternative career option and the confidence that they can establish business or enterprise on their own. The enterprise and entrepreneurial education can provide highly engaging learning opportunities, particularly when related to the program of study selected by the student; developing enterprising abilities can enrich both students’ educational experience and future prospects of their career, especially within micro and small enterprises. In this context, the Government of Bangladesh formulated different education commissions and education policies with different plans and motives from time to time. These commissions and policies put emphasis on various aspects of the education system including Entrepreneurship

  • Establishment of Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a Pioneer in Bangladesh: Daffodil International University established the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship under the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship and introduced the pioneering four-year Bachelor of Entrepreneurship program in Bangladesh. The program aims to create graduates equipped with entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes for their businesses. After successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to transform themselves not only as self-employed business people but also as creators of employment. A group of distinguished entrepreneurs and leading academicians are offering this course through blending theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. Global exposure has also been included in the program with the help of foreign universities.
  • Startup Market: DIU introduced the ‘Startup Market’ at its premises to promote the entrepreneurial potential of students and create more buzz in university life. It is considered a platform for students to run small businesses and learn from that experience. Viable projects will be facilitated commercially in Dhaka and, perhaps, throughout the country. 
  • Daffodil Business Incubator (DBI): In order to achieve the goal of creating employment, poverty alleviation and GDP growth in line with the vision of the government, Daffodil International University is the first and only university in Bangladesh to introduce a Business Incubator (DBI) to help entrepreneurs to sustain their startup ventures. The Daffodil Business Incubator started out on 23 September 2012, with the aim of creating new entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial training and evaluation processes under Daffodil International University. It has already gained trust and a reputation for quality, high standards and success of its students. Some students have already started businesses with support from DBI. DIU has been untiring in its efforts to reduce unemployment in the country by generating young entrepreneurs through the Daffodil Business Incubator. DBI offers a distinctive, creative environment where one’s business ideas can flourish, and one can gain all the advantages of being in close proximity to advanced technology, expertise and the facilities of DBI. Besides, an entrepreneur will also get fully-equipped office space, business advice and guidance from DBI experts, access to funding and advice on preparing bids, be part of a knowledge-based community, access Daffodil International University academic and administrative support, workshops and training opportunities, a prestigious trading address, PCs, office equipment and meeting rooms, access to IT and technical facilities and also growth opportunities of different sister concerns of Daffodil family.
  • Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited (BVCL): New entrepreneurs do not have access to friendly capital (from the entrepreneur’s side) to implement their ideas or to bring high growth prospects to their innovations, especially in the early stages. An adequate flow of risk capital (from the investors’ side) in our economy could play a leveraging role to boost entrepreneurial activities. Generally, angel investors and venture capital firms contribute to this risk capital for new companies. In view of this effort, Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited (BVCL) has come forward to provide early-stage funds for new business ventures. BVCL is encouraging the younger generation, especially students, to see BVCL as a friendly element (for funds) for innovation. BVCL believes that, in the near future, Bangladesh will be the place for the next Google, facebook, skype, PayPal etc. which were once backed by angel investors and venture capital.
  • Daffodil Industrial Innovation Park (DIIP): DIU strives to facilitate youth to become doers through DIIP entrepreneurial facilities to resolve the paradox of education and graduate unemployment as successful role models in Entrepreneurship and Skilled Human Resource Development both at home and abroad. It will strive to shape the entrepreneurship development initiative in the country in a positive way. It will provide industrial technology, training, technical and financial assistance, marketing facilities, quality development of products and other relevant assistance to help young people become entrepreneurs. It will also provide incubation facilities to facilitate young entrepreneurs to survive and develop in the face of business competition.
    Services to be provided:
      • Skills Training
      • One stop service centres
      • Patenting reverse engineering, products and innovations
      • Testing services for foreign employers
      • Showcasing and displaying cultural and heritage products
      • Providing & producing necessary machinery
      • Incubation services
      • Hostel facilities
      • Resort facilities
      • Sports Ground facilities
      • Banking and financial services
      • Shopping complexes
      • Helipad services
      • Laboratory services
      • Employment financing services
      • Solar power grid
      • Backward linkage production zones
  • DIU Industry Academia Lecture Series on Entrepreneurship Development: The Innovation and Incubation Centre (IIC) of Daffodil International University (DIU) took the initiative to arrange a public lecture program under the title of DIU Industry Academia Lecture Series on Entrepreneurship Development. With the aim of informing and motivating educated youth to become entrepreneurs by taking a lesson from the struggles and challenges of twelve well-known entrepreneurs of the country. The lectures of these 12 successful entrepreneurs will be compiled and published as a book which will act as a reference for the students of the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship.


• Publication of books on Entrepreneurship in two Languages: Mr Khan, during his tenure as President of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), authored a book in 2013 on entrepreneurship called: ‘Handbook of Entrepreneurship Development’. The book was inaugurated by Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid, His Excellency President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Download the Book: Handbook of Entrepreneurship Development

• To make his ideas more widely available to students and youth, a Bengali version ‘Uddokta Unnayan Nirdeshika’, was written in 2016 by Mr Khan, which was inaugurated by Mr. Atiur Rahman, while the latter was the Governor of Bangladesh Bank.

• Sabur Khan’s next book, ‘A Journey towards Entrepreneurship’, was written and published in 2017. This was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF); Mr. Kazi M. Aminul Islam, Executive Chairman, Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA); & Mr. Abul Kasem Khan, President, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).